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Notes on the Third Write

This is the third and final edition of FITF. I will be starting a Fit Future 2016 blog which will be kept up-to-date.

I have said that the solution to the modern version of slavery, to wage-slavery, is a simple one; and it is simple. We, the people, have everything within our reach that we need to remedy our situation.

It is not that we need to take power; we already have power. It is that we need to use the power, that we already have.

An enduring drive in our society is the drive towards progress. Yet politically we have made no progress. We endure wage-slavery without questioning it.

Whether we do that through ignorance of its nature, or through personal greed, or through fear of those who control it, makes no difference. If we want to progress, then we must recognize that our system is out of date. We must accept that it is no more than a disguised hangover from previous ages, when titled dictators did not feel the need to hide their own true nature, as our modern dictators know they need to do.

As always, dear reader, the next step is up to you. Freedom is the future; if you choose it.

Notes on the Free Online Edition

Freedom Is The Future – Free Online Edition is the first in a planned series of books, articles, documents and discussions, all of which will be made available to read free online. Published under the Fit Future Press umbrella, our aim is to make the finer points of the Great British Revolution available to the general public.

There is much to do; there is a long way to go. But each new publication will be a step in the right direction. Sooner or later, the truth that we can see will be plain to everyone; and then we shall have won.

Britain needs a revolution, now as always. The problems are the same; the solution is the same: freedom is the future – if you choose it!